Oldies but goodies

It was totally a sudden decision to spend one night in Gongju, a city I’ve never been (or never thought to visit) for my whole life. And, staying in the old hanok place, it sounded so cool enough to say yes to my wife’s proposal without any hesitation though a bit worried about taking two kids with us. As a result, that spontaneous trip was so fresh and successful with full of new experiences in the wonderful old town.


It was a very good decision to stay in the old house, called ‘Bong-Hwang-Jae’. My 4-year-old daughter really enjoyed the time as playing around in the various spaces, which are obviously a lot different from the places where she has spent so far for entire her life. There was a small attic with bookshelves, attached to the room we slept. It was cozy and spacious for reading books and taking a nap under the warm sunlight coming through the small windows. She loved that place so climbed up and down so many times.

Old town

In the old town area where we stayed, there are many small houses and streets alongside. It was a great fun and pleasure walking around in the small streets and discovering some beautiful spots since the old town has various aspects as much as the history it would have. Also, it was great walking along the small water stream flowing through the old town. I thought that the small stream seems making the old town entirely cool as it’s the last piece to the entire picture of the old town.

Café, Banjukdong 247

A warm hug, and the best hospitality. Always exciting to find a fine quality café where a ‘professional’ barista is taking care of all making processes in one’s ‘professional’ way. My wife’s friend, who kindly invited our family to this beautiful old city, Gongju, introduced this wonderful café on the very first day. My wife and I enjoyed everything there so much.

We couldn’t help visiting again on the very next day, so we visited the same café literally every day during our one-night stay. I guess I had more than four cups of coffee in various ways and loved all. Of course, certainly there are so many delightful places and things to do in Gongju, more than I experienced in only two days. However, the café, ‘Banjukdong 247’ is absolutely top ranked as my favorite place of Gongju trip.

Can't stop trying all kinds of coffee there, and all of them were good.

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About Town Stay
지역의 고유한 정체성을 지닌 건물에서 하루를 지내고, 이름난 맛집보다는 주민들이 즐겨 찾는 동네 식당과 가게를 찾는 여행이다. 지역 예술가, 작가, 교류할 수 있는 공방과 갤러리, 동네책방에서 지역 주민과 교류하고 커뮤니티의 일원이 된다. 친구가 된다. 마을을 관광지로서 소비하기보다는 주민 생활공간에 머물면서 지역과 교류하고 마을의 일상을 여행하는 총체적인 경험을 마을스테이라 부른다.


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